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Set new environmentally standards for weed removing in the hop cultivation!Preservation of the nature is our task. Please also contribute to this.
We must all break new ground to ensure an environmentally sound interaction between man and nature.
 With the special equipment hopfenFLAMM it is possible to fully dispense with chemical pesticides in the field of hop cultivation.By using the flame weeding you contribute to an intact ecosystem by natural means.Technology working in harmony with man and nature. That’s our claim.
  • Environmentally sound without any chemicals
  • Efficient, clean and free of residue in the soil and in the plants
  • Reduction of perospona infestations due to the dying of the fungal spores
  • The nitrogen load remains for the direct fertilisation
  • Easy handling
  • Comfortable electric burner ignition and fast shutdown
  • Robust and maintenance low
  • Experience in flame technology for more than 45 years


innovative FLAME TECHNOLOGY SINCE 1973. Made in Germany.



Coming together is a beginning,

staying together is progress,

working together is a real success!

 -Henry Ford-


In this spirit we wish you happy and peaceful holidays and a fantastic, successful start to the New Year.