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hopfenFLAMM 2450




DEVICE Description

The three-point attachment flaming weeding device hopfenFLAMM 2450 is mounted to the front hydraulics on the tractor for an optimal view. It can be equally extended and retracted hydraulically by approx. 40 cm on both sides. Thus the entire displacement range is approx. 80 cm.  

This means that all common row widths can be adjusted and the device can be reduced to a minimum transport width.

For transport purposes the parallelograms on both sides, to which the respective burner unit is mounted, can be hydraulically lifted out at the headland, including the protective bar.

There’s required a double-acting and a single-acting control device for the operation of these displacement and excavation possibility.

The gas tank is carried on the tractor in a three-point rear attachment. A corresponding gas connection hose with all necessary safety fittings is included in the delivery of the scarfing device.

The high-performance burner is comfortably ignited from the driver‘s cab. All burners can be individually and electrically switched at the touch of a button. Thanks to our burner quick shutdown, proven over many years, the burners can be switched on or off in seconds in case of obstacles or young plants.

The floor guidance of the parallelograms on both sides can be guaranteed by large, spindle-adjustable steel support wheels (360/100 mm).        

The height guidance of the burners can be quickly and easily adjusted by setting the spindle.

In case of obstacles, the two parallelograms as well as the burner unit automatically fold backwards in order to avoid damages to the device. Robust and adjustable tension springs ensure that the parallelograms are returned to their original position.

All our flame weeding devices are tested and found to comply with the current German technical rules for liquid gas (DVFG-TRF).


hopfenFLAMM 2450

  • for bilateral row care and defoliation

      4 High-performance pole burners with 50 cm working width,

      1 Burner is mounted on the left and one on the right side – at the   bottom (row care)

      1 Burner is mounted on the left and one on the right side – in standing position (defoliation)


Row width:                      about 240 – 320 cm

Lateral adjustment:          hydraulically about 80 cm,

                                      on the left and on the right equally about 40 cm

Transport width:               about 220 cm

Speed:                            about 2 – 4 km/h

Area performance:           about 0,8 – 1,2 hectares an hour

                                      (depending on the working speed and row     width)

Gas consumption:            • when using 2 high-performance pole burners                                   

                                        about 23 kg per hour (296 kW) (row care)

                                      • when using 4 high-performance pole burners                

                                        about 46 kg per hour (592 kW) (row care and defoliation)

Gas costs:                       • when using 2 high-performance pole burners                                   

                                        about 30,– € per hectar (row care)

                                      • when using 4 high-performance pole burners                

                                         about 60,– € per hectar (row care and defoliation) 


Gas tank: The mobile system gas tank is not included to the delivery of the flame weeding device. If you rent the gas tank directly from the gas supplier, you are contractually obliged to purchase the gas. The other possibility is to purchase the gas tank and to be able to freely choose the gas supplier.  The gas tank has to be checked only every 10 years.

We would be very glad to submit an individual offer to you.