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As the leading manufacturer of flaming technology for thermal weed removal in Europe, we offer the most effective burner technology in the industry. Whether in gardening and landscaping, in agriculture and horticulture, in municipal use or for the maintenance of areas in the private or commercial sector. With our extensive range of equipment, professional weed removal is practical, economical and environmentally friendly.

With our unique and innovative burner technology, temperatures of almost 2,000 °C are reached. This guarantees the highest possible efficiency and completely residue-free combustion.

Our weed burners are not only ideal for the implementation of the herbicide ban on all paths and places. Our weed burners also do an excellent job in agriculture, horticulture and special crops – both in the pre- and post-emergence process.

Take advantage of our many years of experience in flaming technology! Since 1973 we have been developing and producing innovative quality products “Made in Germany” with high performance, low consumption and long service life.



Our weed burners generate an absolutely uniform heat distribution over the entire working width. The flame temperature produced here is approx. 1,925 °C.  The flame length is about 30-40 cm. Due to the sharp edge of the lateral heat separation of our high-performance rod torches, very precise and targeted work is possible.

  • Environmentally friendly

By using weed burners technology, chemical agents can be completely dispensed with.

  • Efficient

Our unique burner technology achieves the highest possible flame temperature of 1,925 °C that can be achieved with propane gas.

  • Precise + targeted

Our high-performance burners produce a windproof and stable flame that can be controlled at all times with a heat separation that is sharp edges on the sides.

  • Clean

Thanks to an optimal gas-air mixture, we achieve completely residue-free combustion, with a high degree of efficiency with low consumption and a long service life.

  • Strong + low-maintenance

Our well-thought-out and purely mechanical gas-air mixture works trouble-free with minimal maintenance.

  • Wide range of products

From portable hand-held devices to manuell mobile and surface-mounted weed burners with a working width of up to 9 m. Our product range includes more than 150 different device variants.



Flaming technology represents an expansion of the possibilities in practical plant protection. However, its application requires a rethinking of the weed control methods that have been predominantly used to date.

The most favorable time for flaming in municipal and commercial land maintenance is in early spring. A burning measure is more effective the younger the weeds are.

In agriculture, in field vegetable production and in horticulture, almost only young weeds are found due to the possibilities of preparing the seedbed. One treatment is usually enough to eliminate them.



All Reinert weed burners for agriculture work from the liquid phase.

When gas is extracted from the liquid phase, the liquefied gas is taken from the gas cylinders or from a gas tank in liquid form. Evaporation (conversion from liquid to gaseous state) then takes place in specially developed gas burners. With this form of extraction, larger gas extraction capacities and working widths are possible.


All Reinert weed burners are equipped with maintenance-free high-performance torches. In practice, they can be used in a variety of ways for all areas of application.