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As the leading manufacturer in the field of thermal weed removing in Europe, we offer the most effective burner technology among all industry partners. Whether in gardening and landscape maintenance, in agriculture and horticulture, in municipal use or for the maintenance of areas in the private or commercial sector. Our wide range of devices offers a practice-oriented, economic and environmental sound professional weed removing.

With our unique and innovative burner technology there can be achieved temperatures of almost 2.000 °C. This guarantees a highest possible efficiency and a completely residue-free combustion.

Our flame burners are not only ideal for implementing the ban of herbicides on all paths and places. Also in agriculture, in horticulture and in special crops, our flame burners do an excellent job – both forward and afterrunning process.

Take advantage of our many years of experience in flame technology! Since 1973 we develop and produce innovative quality products „Made in Germany“ with high performance, low consumption and long lifetime.



Our flame weeding devices produce an absolutely uniform heat distribution over the entire working. The reached flame temperature is about about 1.925 °C. The flame length is about 30-40 cm. The laterally sharp heat protection of our high-performance burners allows a very precise and targeted work.

  • Environmentally sound – By using the flame weeding there is absolutely no need of any chemical agents.
  • Efficient– Due to our unique burner technology there can be produced the maximum possible temperatures of 1.925 °C with propane gas.
  • Precise + targeted– Our high-performance burners produce an at all time controllable, windproof and stabile flame with laterally sharp heat protection.
  • Clean– An optimal gas-air mixture ensures a completely residue-free combustion, with a high efficiency combined with low energy consumption, as well as a long product life. 
  • Robust + maintenance low– Our thoughtout and purely mechanical gas-air mixture works trouble-free and with minimum maintenance effort.
  • Wide product range – From portable hand-held units to manually mobile and mounted flame weeding devices. Our product range includes about 150 different types of devices.



The flame weeding technology offers more possibilities in practical plant protection. But the application requires a rethinking towards the previously used weed removing methods.

The best time to start the flame weeding in municipal and commercial area maintenance is early spring. A flaming measure is the more effective the younger the wild herbs are.

In agriculture, in horticulture and fruit cultivation there can be found  almost only young wild herbs due to the possibilities of preparing the seedbed. For the removal of these weeds there is usually only one treatment necessary.



All mounted Reinert flame weeding devices work form the liquid phase.

Removing gas from the liquid phase means, that the liquid gas is removed from the gas bottles or a gas tank in liquid form. The evaporation then takes place in specially developed gas burners. This type of removing allows larger withdrawal quantities and larger working widths.

All Reinert flame weeding devices are equipped with maintenance free high-performance burners. In practice they are versatile in application, such as zone, row and under-leaf flame weeding. In row, bed and bank crops.